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Republican party rules on trial

Among the many losers from the 2016 US presidential nomination process will be the Rules of the Republican Party. The party’s voter base is deeply divided, and any decision-making system … Continue reading

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UPDATE: US presidential nomination primaries

March 29 In the past fortnight primaries have been held for the Republican party in Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Hawaii, and for the Democratic party in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state. The … Continue reading

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Update: US presidential nomination primaries

Tuesday 15 March Another major day in the US presidential primary election calendar has brought both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump ever closer to clinching their respective party … Continue reading

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Update: US Presidential Primaries

Saturday 8 March Hillary Clinton has slightly strengthened her substantial lead over Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic nomination race with a large win in Louisiana and a narrow loss in … Continue reading

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Update: US Presidential primaries

1 March – ‘Super Tuesday’ Hillary Clinton has all but secured her party’s nomination with dominance over Senator Bernie Sanders across 8 of 12 jurisdictions holding Democratic party primaries. Sanders’ four … Continue reading

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Republican delegate selection for March 1

March 1 will be the biggest day on the 2016 calendar for choosing candidate delegates to the Republican Party Convention taking place in July. All eyes are on the relative … Continue reading

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Markets dump stock in rivals to Clinton and Trump

The insightful Iowa Electronic Market – an online real-investment prediction market that has tracked US elections since 2000 – is moving sharply to predict the next Republican and Democratic nominees … Continue reading

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Clinton cleans up in South Carolina

Hillary Clinton has decisively regained momentum in the race for the Democratic party presidential nomination, winning 74% of the vote in South Carolina. Her win is easily the most dominant … Continue reading

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Las Vegas win for Trump

Republican candidate Donald Trump has registered his best performance in the first four states holding presidential primaries with just under 46% of the vote in the state of Nevada. Key remaining … Continue reading

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Update: US Presidential primaries

27 February – South Carolina Democratic primary 23 February – Nevada Republican caucus 20 February – South Carolina Republican primary 20 February – Nevada Democratic caucus In the past 10 days Donald Trump has easily won presidential nomination contests in … Continue reading

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