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How people elect parliaments

Macron proposes that MPs eliminate their own seats

French President Emmanuel Macron will ask the new French National Assembly to vote for electoral changes which would see more than half the current members of his own party out … Continue reading

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French result brings fresh politics, but little mandate

The elections for the French parliament – the Assemblée Nationale – have ended in extraordinary circumstances, with the lowest voter turnout since the second world war. Despite the apparent excitements of … Continue reading

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French shrug, stay home from legislative election

The French have stayed away in droves from the first round of their national legislative election, with a shockingly low voter turnout of just 47%. Sunday’s election turnout result – … Continue reading

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French election result could be even weirder than British

Next up, the French. French citizens will today (June 11) vote in the first of two rounds of voting to elect the members of the Assemblée Nationale, the French national … Continue reading

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Presidency settled, French face complex parliamentary election

The French have decisively settled the question of who their next President will be. Between two candidates from outside their major parties, they have chosen the 39-year old political centrist … Continue reading

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French election: would different rules have mattered?

What would have been the result if the French had chosen their president yesterday by a single round of preferential voting? Preferential voting is use to elect parliaments in Australia, … Continue reading

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French voters send Macron and Le Pen to second round

The next 5-year term of the French presidency will be contested by independent Emmanuel Macron and nationalist Marine Le Pen (National Front) on May 7, after they were the two highest-placed candidates … Continue reading

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Runoff elections that went wrong

What could possibly go wrong in the next week of French presidential elections? The epic contest for the French presidency is being conducted according to the rules of two-round runoff … Continue reading

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French presidential election: Round 1

With just days to go until the first round of elections for the next President of France, what could possibly go wrong? The French are the world’s most prominent users … Continue reading

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Austrian presidential vote was a rejection of major party politics

Independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen’s re-win in the re-run of the ballot for President of Austria has calmed European nerves, with his final victory over the far-right Freedom Party’s … Continue reading

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