On Elections

How people elect parliaments

Inquiries and reports

[This page is only partially developed – February 2016]

AEC ES [year];  Election Statistics (published following each federal election), Australian Electoral Commission, Australian Government Publishing Service

Cavendish 1908;  Report of the Royal Commission into Electoral Systems, Lord Cavendish and others, 1908

AEC 1976; A Summary of Commonwealth Election and Referendum Statistics 1901– 1975, Australian Electoral Office, 1976

Jenkins 1998; Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System, Secretary of State for the Home Department UK, 1998

Australian Govt 2008; Electoral Reform Green Paper – Donations, Funding and Expenditure, Australian Government, 2008

AEC 2008; Submission 169 to the JSCEM Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2007 Federal Election, Australian Electoral Commission, June 2008

Australian Govt 2009; Electoral Reform Green Paper – Strengthening Australia’s Democracy, Australian Government, September 2009

JSCEM 2011 (i); (1) The 2010 Election – Report on the conduct of the election and related matters, Parliament of Australia Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, 2011

JSCEM 2011 (ii); (2) Report of the Inquiry on the funding of political parties and election campaigns, Parliament of Australia Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, November 2011

OPPD 2011; Electoral Systems – The Link Between Governance, Elected Members and Votes, European Parliament Office for Promotion of Parliamentary Democracy, 2011

House of Commons 2012; Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill 2012

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