On Elections

How people elect parliaments


The references below are sorted first by year, then by author.







To end of 19th Century

de Tocqueville, 1835: Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835

Gilpin, 1844: On the representation of minorities of electors to act with the majority in elected assemblies, Thomas Gilpin, 1844, 15 pages – reprinted in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1896

Hare, 1857: The Machinery of Representation, Thomas Hare, 1857 (2 editions)[i]

Hare, 1859: A Treatise on the Election of Representatives, Parliamentary and Municipal, Thomas Hare, 1859, 1861, 1865 (3rd ed), 1873 (4th ed)

Mill, 1861: Considerations on Representative Government, John Stuart Mill, 1861 – “the chapter on ‘True and False Democracy’, an eloquent plea for proportional representation with special reference to Hare’s scheme, brought the latter’s work to the notice of scholars throughout the world” (see Hoag and Hallett 1926).

Bagehot 1867: The English Constitution, Walter Bagehot, 1867

Droop, 1869: On the political and social effects of different methods of electing representatives, Henry Droop, 1869

Sterne, 1871: On Representative Government and Personal Representation, Simon Sterne, (1871)

Buckelaw and Freeze, 1872: Proportional Representation, or the Representation of Successive Majorities in Federal, State, Municipal, Corporate and Primary Elections, Charles Rollin Buckelaw and John Gosse Freeze (ed), 1872; an excerpt can be found in Voting and Democracy Report 1995, The Center for Voting and Democracy, 1995, pp. 31-33

Dutcher, 1872: Minority or Proportional Representation: Its Nature, Aims, History, Salem Dutcher, 1872 – “one of the most important of the earlier American books on PR. A history of the movement till 1872” (see Hoag and Hallett 1926).

Horton, 1873: Proportional Representation, S Dana Horton, 1873

Mill, 1876: Mr. J.S. Mill upon personal representation, JS Mill, republished by the Proportional Representation Society (UK) through the Talbot collection of British pamphlets

Droop, 1881: On Methods of  Electing Representatives, Henry Droop, 1881

Dodgson 1884: The Principles of Parliamentary Representation, Charles L Dodgson, 1884

Lubbock, 1884: Proportional Representation, John Lubbock, 1884

Naville, 1885: Les Progrès de la Representation Proportionelle, Ernest Naville, 1885

Jenks 1891: The Government of Victoria, Edward Jenks, 1891

Bishop 1893: History of Elections in the American Colonies, Cortlandt Bishop, 1893

Naville, 1893: article in Proportional Representation Review, Ernest Naville, December 1893

Naville, 1895: article in Proportional Representation Review, Ernest Naville, September 1895

Cridge , 1896: Proportional Representation Including Its Relation to the Initiative and Referendum, Alfred Cridge, c.1896

Garey, ?: Proportional Representation, Alva Edward Garey

1900 to 2nd World War

Ashworth, 1900: Proportional Representation applied to Party Government, Thomas Ramsden Ashworth, 1900

Moore 1901: The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, W Harrison Moore, 1901 (2nd edition 2010)

Andrae, 1905: Andrae and His Invention, the Proportional Representation Method, Poul Andrae, 1905, English translation by Vaughan Meisling, 1926

Avebury, 1906: Representation, Sir John Lubbock (Lord Avebury), 1904, 1906

Commons, 1907: Proportional Representation, John Commons, 1896, 1907 (3rd ed) – “an interesting book revealing the status of the movement in America before the effects had been felt of the revival of the British movement in 1905 and the adoption of the Hare system in Tasmania and South Africa” (Hoag and Hallett 1926).

Moore 1909: The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, Harrison Moore, 1909

Belloc and Chesterton 1911: The Party System, Hillaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton, 1911

Humphreys, 1911: Proportional representation: a study in methods of election, John Humphreys, 1911 – “a general survey of the subject from the British point of view by the Secretary of the Proportional Representation Society of Great Britain. At the time of its publication the chief authority for the movement in English-speaking countries” (Hoag and Hallett 1926).

Williams, 1914: Proportional Representation and British Politics, John Fischer Williams, 1914?

Seymour [and Frary] 1918: How The World Votes: The Story of Democratic Development in Elections, Charles Seymour and Donald Paige Frary, 1918 (2 volumes)

Williams, 1918: The Reform of Political Representation, John Fischer Williams

Barrett, 1919: Proportional Representation, James Barrett, 1919

Hoag, 1924: Proportional Representation Review, Organ of The Proportional Representation League: January 1922 – October 1924, Clarence Hoag (ed), 1924

Humphreys, 1923: Practical Aspects of Electoral Representation, John Humphreys, 1923 – “an important little book supplementing the author’s standard work Proportional Representation (1911). A study of the British general election of 1922, of the bearing of PR on the present problems of British politics, and of the comparative merits of the alternative vote and PR” (see Hoag and Hallett 1926).

Berman, 1926: Proportional Representation, Lamar Berman, 1926 – “a debater’s handbook with briefs and a collection of quotes on both sides. Contains valuable material, but some of the facts alleged in the quotations are incorrect and some of the arguments suggested for each side are clearly untenable” (see Hoag and Hallett 1926).

Hong and Hallett, 1926: Proportional Representation, George Hallett and Clarence Hoag, 1926

Hallett, 1937: Proportional Representation – the Key to Democracy, George Hallett, 1937 – the 2nd edition, 1940, is substantially revised to take into account the recent commencement of the use of STV in New York.

Woodward 1938: The Age of Reform: 1815-1870, Llewellyn Woodward, 1938, 2nd edition 1962

Hermens, 1941: Democracy or Anarchy?, Hermens, 1941 – advanced the view that proportional representation contributed to the pre-war collapse of democracies.

Weil 1943: On the Abolition of All Political Parties, Simone Weil, 1943

Postwar to 1979

Neale 1949: The Elizabethan House of Commons, John E Neale, 1949

Mackenzie, 1950: The English Parliament, Kenneth Mackenzie, 1950

Duverger, 1951: Political Parties, Maurice Duverger, 1951 (1954 in english)

Jennings 1951: Cabinet Government, Sir Ivor Jennings, 1951, 2nd edition

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