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How people elect parliaments

UK Conservatives’ early election call cost them majority

Had UK Prime Minister Theresa May waited several months to call an election, her Conservative government might have retained its House of Commons majority in a smaller Parliament, even on … Continue reading

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Irish Unionists are nervous as vote patterns shift

The UK government stumbling towards a political accomodation with the Irish unionist DUP party comes at a time of increasing edginess for the unionist movement. Voters in both the Republic … Continue reading

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Lack of compromise training may hurt English Conservatives

English Tory politicians may rue the fact that decades of devotion to the first-part-the-post system leaves them untrained in the art of multi-party compromise. After Thursday’s shock election result, a … Continue reading

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UK Election 2017 – WTF just happened?

England is the Mother of Parliaments, according to John Bright (1852). But the results of the June 8 UK election will instead read the Riot Act (1714) to those who … Continue reading

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Northern Irish well-represented

The Northern Ireland Assembly, re-elected last week, is one of the most representative legislatures in the world, with over 82% of those who voted represented by their preferred political party. … Continue reading

March 9, 2017 · 2 Comments

Unionists suffer major losses in Northern Ireland

Irish unionists have suffered a near-disastrous election in Northern Ireland, losing 16 seats in the Assembly, and coming very close to conceding the post of First Minister to their main nationalist opponents, … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland returns to the polls

Voters in Northern Ireland will drag themselves to the polls today, less than a year on from their previous election. Since 1998 the Northern Irish have elected a legislative Assembly … Continue reading

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