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How people elect parliaments

Hillary Clinton’s ironic undefeated vote record

Over the space of the past 16 years, US Democratic politician Hillary Clinton ran for five major public elections – including two party presidential nominations – in none of which was … Continue reading

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It’s Clinton

As was widely expected, Hillary Clinton has wrapped up the Democratic party nomination for US president, winning four of the final six state contests – including the ballot in California – … Continue reading

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Now a three week wait for Democratic nominee

With the Republican race for US presidential nominee now decided in favour of Donald Trump, there is still just a hint of interest left in the Democratic party contest. Results from … Continue reading

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Trump sees off last rival

Ohio Governor John Kasich didn’t hang on in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in the United States. His withdrawal late on Wednesday would seem to confirm that the party … Continue reading

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Cruz exit simplifies Republican race

Donald Trump today easily won the Republican party primary election in Indiana to be the party’s nominee later this year for US president. Trump won 53% of the vote over his … Continue reading

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Trump and Clinton will win nomination contests

Five state primaries in the US north-east have made Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton their parties ‘presumptive nominees’. Votes held in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland have been … Continue reading

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New York voters didn’t surge to enrol

The results of the US presidential election party primaries in New York state are coming in today. As was widely expected, Donald Trump has had a big win in the … Continue reading

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From here on in: the Republican nomination

“While Donald Trump will reach the convention with a substantial lead over Ted Cruz, he will fall short of the necessary outright majority. The result will be a bitterly fought … Continue reading

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From here on in: the Democratic nomination

“Hillary Clinton is almost certain to reach the party convention well in the lead over Bernie Sanders, but not with an absolute majority. The votes of the unelected delegates will … Continue reading

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Republican race reaches situation tarfu

In American military slang, a disorderly situation goes through three stages of disorder: first snafu – which represents a level of disorder which is ‘situation normal’ – then passing through tarfu – … Continue reading

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