On Elections

How people elect parliaments



Antony Green: blog site at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) of the Australian public broadcaster’s resident psephologist and elections commentator. Active for over 20 years, his blogsite is a massive archive of all things Australian – national and state. It also has extensive material on elections in other nations, as well as a great deal of material on electoral systems and mechanics. His political commentary is non-partisan journalism.

Poll Bludger: blog site of polling and political commentator William Bowe, hosted within the Australian political journal Crikey; deals with polling data and related political issues in Australian politics.

The World Is Not Enough: blog site of Crikey writer Charles Richardson – a very comprehensive news service about the political behind elections worldwide (paywalled)


Cook Political Report: political science site established by Charlie Cook, focussed on US electoral events, predictions and results. Covers presidential, Congressional and state governorship affairs, but not state legislative elections.

DailyKos: a political news and opinion site, also operating as a progressive campaign interface (especially since 2016).

ElectionLawBlog: blogsite of prominent US electoral specialist Professor Richard Hasen.

Electoral Vote Predictor, an online poll tracking service with a frequent blog covering electoral and related political events. The site was established in 2004 by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, a professor of computer science at the Vrije Universiteit. Tanenbaum and Christopher Bates are the key authors.

FiveThirtyEight: America’s most prominent elections prediction site, established by Nate Silver in 2008. Also features some political news as well as predictions relating to sporting events.

Inside Elections: online news service produced the Rothenberg-Gonzales Political Report, a leading Washington political news service. Political analyst Stuart Rothenberg, who established the service, began retiring in 2015, and his partner Nathan Gonzales is now the lead author of the service.

Iowa Electronic Markets: an academic service providing live prediction markets to participating members and publishing market values in real time. First established in 2000, the IEM has provided an alternative means of predicting electoral contest outcomes to the traditional polling services.

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