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How people elect parliaments

Costa Rican politics fragments

Elections in Costa Rica in Central America have thrown up a highly fragmented result, with the Legislative Assembly to be divided among at least five significant parties. The run-off vote … Continue reading

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Is Trump’s ‘negative mandate’ the lowest ever?

An analysis in the New York Times has given Donald Trump’s selection as US president among the lowest ‘mandates’ of popular support in US history. Times’ writers Jugal Patel and … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s ironic undefeated vote record

Over the space of the past 16 years, US Democratic politician Hillary Clinton ran for five major public elections – including two party presidential nominations – in none of which was … Continue reading

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Move to ‘write-in’ Trump alternatives a meaningless gesture

In United States elections, it is often possible for voters to ‘write-in’ a candidate whose name is not on the ballot paper. But recent announcements by various Republican politicians to disavow … Continue reading

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Donald Trump has another problem

If Donald Trump somehow ekes out a narrow win in the US presidential election, the presidency could still be snatched away from him by a handful of his Republican party … Continue reading

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Austrian presidential vote a virtual tie

Yesterday’s presidential election in Austria is hanging in the balance, with the leading broadcaster projecting a virtual 50/50 tie. The result will either bring in Europe’s first far-right nationalist elected head of … Continue reading

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Philippines elects president who might shut down parliament

Rodrigo Duterte, the controversial Mayor of the southern Philippine city of Davao, has easily won election as the next President of the Philippines. The leading candidate in recent months, Duterte, … Continue reading

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