On Elections

How people elect parliaments


(All suggestions for additions to these link pages are most welcome)

Psephologists and political scientists

Links to the websites of a variety of psephologists – including academic, media and private individuals – as well as links to professional political scientists in academia with a specific focus on electoral science.

Advocacy organisations and campaigns

Links to websites of various organisations that advocate for electoral reform, including voting rights as well as voting systems, as well as special websites established for the purpose of specific political campaigns.

This section includes some mentions of organisations no longer in existence, or not maintaining a current web presence.

Academic and research sites

Web pages for academic institutions and specific academic entities focussing on electoral science.


Links to political science journals and other media which ficus specifically on electoral science.

Parliamentary and international institutions

Links to international NGOs relevant to voting rights or electoral science, as well as national parliamentary entities with a continuing existence that are relevant to electoral matters.

Inquiries and reports

Links to web pages for specific official inquiries into electoral matters, organised by nation.

Electoral Commissions

Links to national (or sub-national) electoral commissions or other government agencies responsible for administering elections.


Links to web pages of national and sub-national legislatures.



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