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UPDATE: US presidential nomination primaries

March 29

In the past fortnight primaries have been held for the Republican party in Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Hawaii, and for the Democratic party in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state.

The Republican race continues to see Donald Trump in the lead, with much speculation as to whether he will reach – or fall just short of – the crucial target of 50% of convention delegates. Trump has so far won 37% of the vote, but has been awarded 48% of the delegates.

At 20.985 million votes, the Republican primary contest has already reset the record for the largest turnout in that party’s primaries since the system was developed in 1968.

The Democratic race continues to see Hillary Clinton well in the lead, although Senator Bernie Sanders won the caucuses in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii by sizeable margins.

Apart from voting in Wisconsin on 5 April, and for the Democratic party Wyoming on 9 April, there will now be a three-week break until the New York primary on 19 April.

See also a mid-season review of the primary system’s performance.


REPUBLICAN Party nominee

Donald Trump



convention delegates 

state delegate majorities

Donald Trump


749  (30.3%)


Senator Ted Cruz


460  (18.6%)


Senator Marco Rubio 


177  (7.2%)


Governor John Kasich


144  (5.8%)


other withdrawn candidates 1,150,146

   15  (o.6%)

yet to be selected

912 (36.9%)

Total delegates



Under current rules a Republican candidate needs to accumulate 8 state delegation majorities (more than merely plurality wins) to be eligible to put their name forward at the party Convention.

Vote plurality winners by state are:

US primaries - winners - Republican march 29.png


DEMOCRATIC Party nominee

Hillary Clinton




Hillary Clinton


1,458  (30.6%)

Senator Bernie Sanders


1,032  (21.7%)

yet to be selected

1,778  (37.3%)

uncommitted official delegates

490  (10.3%)

Total delegates


Vote plurality winners by state are shown below:

US primaries - winners - Democratic Mar 29

Delegate tallies for the Democratic party include the support of elected delegates that have been confirmed by public endorsements. Such delegates are unbound and their vote can change at the convention (and see observations by Nate Silver at 538.com.)



Vote totals include caucus state figures (some of which are estimates) which undervalue the caucus states’ contributions to total votes in comparison to results from primary election states.

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