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How people elect parliaments

UK Election 2017 – WTF just happened?

England is the Mother of Parliaments, according to John Bright (1852). But the results of the June 8 UK election will instead read the Riot Act (1714) to those who … Continue reading

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UK Election 2017 – Who gets represented in British Parliaments?

The House of Commons in Britain’s Parliament is meant to represent all the nation’s people. It doesn’t. The House just ended, elected in 2015, represented just 33% of registered voters. … Continue reading

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UK Election 2017 – Tactical voting costs British voters choice – but will it work?

It’s not a real choice when you’re forced to change your mind. Some media observers of tomorrow’s UK elections are estimating that as many as a third of British voters … Continue reading

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UK Election 2017 – Far from equal: most British have little say over government

There is no genuine equality of the influence of the vote of each British person in national elections. Endemic to all single-member-division electoral systems is a striking degree of influence … Continue reading

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UK Election 2017 – The battleground regions in today’s elections

Great Britain is not a uniform partisan landscape. While the three main parties – Conservative, Labour and Liberal-Democrat – dominate the nation’s politics, regional differences disrupt the neatness of national … Continue reading

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UK Election 2017 – Who’s going to show up?

Are the young going to vote in large numbers and change the outcome of the UK elections? In 2015 only 43% of UK voters aged 18-24 turned out to vote. … Continue reading

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UK Election 2017 – Polling and predictions

Final polls before Thursday’s British general election are proving surprisingly diverse, with estimates of the gap between the governing Conservatives and the Labour party across England and Wales varying from … Continue reading

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British lining up to vote in large numbers

Britain’s electoral register may have expanded by over 10% in just a few months, according to final registration figures released this week. According to the UK Electoral Commission, 45.7 million … Continue reading

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British to vote using decade-old boundaries

The UK House of Commons will be dissolved for a general election on 8 June. But the sudden move means that the boundaries for the nation’s electoral constituencies will be … Continue reading

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Northern Irish well-represented

The Northern Ireland Assembly, re-elected last week, is one of the most representative legislatures in the world, with over 82% of those who voted represented by their preferred political party. … Continue reading

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