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Update: US Presidential primaries

4 February 2016 – Iowa caucuses aftermath

The primary elections and caucuses commenced on Monday 1 February with the Iowa caucuses. The next event is the New Hampshire primary election on 8 February.

Three Republican candidates – Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum – and one Democratic candidate – Martin O’Malley – have withdrawn from the race in the wake of the Iowa results.

Latest delegate counts (including proportions of total party convention delegates) are set out below.

These tallies below include the support of elected delegates that have been confirmed by public endorsements.

REPUBLICAN Party nominee:

image - Marco Rubio.jpg

Senator Marco Rubio (image: floridapolitics.com, via wikipedia)


national votes

convention delegates


Senator Marco Rubio


40 – 1.4%

Jeb Bush


32 – 1.2%

Senator Ted Cruz


27 – 1.0%

Governor John Kasich


9 – 0.3%

Governor Chris Christie


9 – 0.3%

Donald Trump


7 –  0.3%

Carly Fiorina


4 – 0.1%

Ben Carson


3 – 0.1%

Governor Jim Gilmour



yet to be selected

2,231 – 80.5%

uncommitted official delegates

404 – 18.5%

Total delegates



(*A Republican candidate needs to accumulate 8 state delegation majorities to be eligible to put their name forward at the party Convention)

Withdrawals: Mike Huckabee (1 February), Rand Paul (3 February), Rick Santorum (4 February)

DEMOCRATIC Party nominee:

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton 


national votes

convention delegates

Hillary Clinton


221 –  4.6%

Senator Bernie Sanders


24 –  0.5%

yet to be selected

4,008– 84.1%

uncommitted official delegates

508 – 10.7%

Total delegates


(* The Iowa vote totals are only an extrapolation from the announced total number of Democratic caucus participants (171,157) and the proportions of final tallies of support; this is at best an estimate, not a precise account of the number of supporting voters.)

Withdrawals: Martin O’Malley (1 February)

Original Preview article (19 January 2016)

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