On Elections

How people elect parliaments


Browse through the pages in this part of the site for information on the many technical terms used in the study of elections, the electoral systems used in electing the world’s main national parliaments, the people and organisations who make up the field of psephology, and other useful stuff.

This material now includes :

♦ A long glossary of technical terms and explanations.

♦ A gazette of the electoral systems used to elect the lower houses of parliament in world’s democratic nations (and a number of sub-national state/province jurisdictions). These explanations are all drafted in a uniform manner using the terminology laid down in the glossary.

♦ A database of election results. The material needed to support various analysis will be presented here, tabulated and laid out consistently. [⇒ enormous amount of work, still in progress]

♦ A page hosting number of useful charts and diagrams.

♦ Some potted biographies of major characters in the history of voting system invention and change, together with descriptions of key organisations and NGOs.

♦ A lengthy catalogue of references. Citations used on pages on this site will be based on this catalogue. (Many of the journal article items are only available online behind publisher paywalls, but may be accessible from within university and other libraries where subscriptions are in place.)

♦ Material on methods of technical analysis

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