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Camera di Diputati

Specific Elections: 2018


Italy has a bicameral xxx of which the lower house is the Camera di Diputati, a composite assembly of xxx members.

232 members of the Camera are directly elected in single member divisions by the plurality voting method. However a highly unusual rule regarding nominations permits alliances …

The boundaries of the Camera electoral divisions are determined by ….

The remaining xx members are allocated to political parties using a party list system.

Terms of the Camera are nominally fixed at …years. However there remains a capacity for the President to dissolve the parliament early and call an election.

Commentary and analysis



[recent redistricting]

Inequality in the effective influence of voters caused by variations in National Assembly electoral division enrolments has been substantial in recent elections, with the most recent standard deviation of variations compared to the mean enrolment being X.X% in 2018.

[nomination openness – party configurations]

[summary of results]

[inequality by margins]

Specific elections




[data source – data completeness – anomalous contests – augmentation]


[Dataset not yet published]

  • OnElections election data IT-2018.xls
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